What to Expect When You’re Teaching Toddlers to Swim

Toddlers experience a huge rush of physical independence very quickly. How can you use their newfound coordination when you’re teaching them to swim?

What You Can Expect

  • Independent movement in the water
  • Some understanding of water safety

What You Shouldn’t Expect

  • Fancy strokes
  • Independent water safety

How to Teach Toddlers to Swim

Kids this age are ready to be introduced to all the skills they need, but at a rudimentary level. Here are specific things to remember when you’re teaching them:

  • Focus on water safety, but don’t count on their remembering all the time.
  • Kids this age are big fans of the words “no” and “why.” Use that to your advantage.
  • Your child can follow instructions if you give them one at a time.
  • Kids this age tend to get frustrated easily. Take lots of breaks and don’t push too hard.
  • Kids this age can usually throw or kick a ball well enough to move it a little, but they won’t have real ability. They might be able to ride a tricycle, walk down stairs, run well, and stack blocks. Think of how your child does these things when you’re working on arm and leg movement.

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  1. Thanks Karen – we are starting Toddler swimming lessons next week and we will definitely use these tips!

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