Time to Play! Going Underwater

Kids learn by playing. The more you can make learning to swim fun for your kids, the more they’ll like it, the quicker they’ll learn, and the more fun you’ll have teaching them. Putting their heads underwater is a tough skill for many kids to learn. They need something to distract them from the unfamiliar feeling. This game will help kids to practice this important skill without realizing they’re practicing. It’s fun for the teacher, too.

Play scuba diver. Have your child duck under and look around while you swim past him like a fish. Now swim by like a dolphin. Now a mermaid. Be creative. Take requests. What undersea creatures would your scuba diver like to see? Even a bad aquatic impression is entertaining. (Sometimes the bad impressions are the most entertaining.)

This is a great way to teach your kids to swim while they think they’re just having fun. If your child resists wearing goggles, this will encourage him to try them. You’ve got to wear the goggles to see your swimming teacher’s best fish faces.