9 Tips for Being Attuned to Your Kids When You’re Teaching Them to Swim

When you’re teaching your kids to swim, the most effective lessons will be the ones driven by their needs and readiness. Here are nine tips for being attuned to your kids and their needs when you’re teaching them to swim.

Tips for Staying Tuned into Your Kids in a Swimming Lesson

1.   Do check in frequently to see how your child feels.

2.   Do help your child reframe nervousness about the swimming lesson as excitement.

3.   Do watch your child practice swimming skills and respond to his needs.

4.   Do observe your child for signs of fatigue or cold.

5.   Do stop the swimming lesson if your child gets tired or cold.

6.   Do acknowledge it, empathize, and move on, if something scary—like swallowing water—happens.

7.   Do switch to a different approach or to a different swimming skill if your child gets frustrated.

8.   Do be aware of when your child needs you to give more support when you’re teaching or back off and let him try things independently.

9.   Do help, if you’re not sure whether your child needs help.