Teaching the Swimming Kick: Mastery

After your kids have learned a new swimming skill, it’s a great time to go back and expand on the skills they already know. When your kids have learned to float on their back, you can expand their practice of the swimming kick. Try these tips for teaching your kids to perfect their kicks.

Quick Trick for Correcting the Swimming Kick

Have him practice gently kicking while he’s floating on his back. If he moves in the direction of his feet, his ankles aren’t flexing enough. Have him concentrate on flexing his ankles more, and like magic, he’ll start to move toward his head. This level of flexion is what he’s aiming for.

The Rhythm of the Swimming Kick

When he’s learned to move his arms in the crawl and backstroke, he can refine his kick more. There’s a rhythm to kicking: kick, kick, pause, kick, kick, pause. The opposite leg and arm act together. In that way, it’s similar to running or walking. When he strokes with the left arm, he should kick with the right leg first.