Thanks for Reading!

I started this blog thinking that I wanted to help parents teach their own kids to swim, using the natural advantages of their relationship with their kids to make the process fun for everyone in the family. I wanted to provide tips and tricks and step-by-step guidance. I wanted to help parents use their time on dry land to reinforce what their kids learn in the pool.

Some of the information in this blog includes:

  • How to prepare to teach kids to swim
  • How to craft a teaching style that works
  • How to structure swimming lessons
  • What you need to know about kids’ minds and bodies before you start
  • How kids learn and how to motivate them
  • Important safety information
  • Swimming lesson do’s and don’ts
  • The sequence you should teach the skills in
  • Specific, detailed information about how to teach each swimming skill

I hope the information in this blog is useful to you. I’m moving on to other projects and won’t be posting for the foreseeable future, but you can still get all this information and more in book form. Here’s how to get the book.

Thanks for reading,